Free Colouring Xmas 17

For Christmas 2017 a new design for Colouring during the Christmas period. From Amazing Purple.

Check out the full size at the Gallery and download.


The shop has a range of Black and White Illustrations for Colouring. Cards for any Occasion to add your own personal creativity as a perfect gift. A3 Quality prints to create your own Artwork that can be framed.

Don’t forget the Garden of Jewels Colouring Book that can be carried around with pencils to have many activities while on holiday or a relaxing break.

Large frills of the Pink Lavender

It is always great to see the spring flowers. The lavenders are in full bloom everywhere a great time to visit Lavender farms and grow them around you.There are many colours but I love the purples of the lavenders. In the right light they glow!  They have a beautiful perfume, and they have many uses including deterring the flies and mosquitos. grow them close to windows and doors.


Amazing Purple has a range of Black and White Illustrations to purchase in the shop. Ideal for Christmas Gifts and Holiday Activities. A range of Colouring Cards, A3 Quality Prints and The Garden of Jewels Colouring Book.

The Water Lilly and Dragonfly greeting card, individually coloured with water colours.

A special birthday gift, create your own effects and colours to a Black and White Illustrated greeting card.

This adds a bit of you making that card even more special and unique. Water colour is a great way to colour the cards. using the water colour brushes now available. So easy to use and no special preparation.

The water Colour brushes allow you o colour small areas at a time without the warping that can take place.

You can use the pastilles, or the water colour pencils.

Great for ordinary coloured pencils too.

Amazing Purple Shop

Australian Colouring Book "Garden of Jewels"

Amazing Purple has the Garden of Jewels Colouring Book in Stock for Christmas.

Get your copies now for Christmas presents! The Black and White Illustrations are inspired by the Australian Plants, birds and insects. 41 Illustrations ready for you to add colour. They make a great gift for all occasions.

Amazing Purple has a range of other Colour -In gifts such as A3 Quality Prints and C6 Colour -In Cards. Go to the shop and see the full range available.

The Purple Sarsaparilla flowers

Spring is an amazing time for the wildflowers, many have inspired my drawings. Purple always inspires me! This Sarsaparilla grows in the bush and this is a very healthy one winding through the young Blackwood tree. The Australian bush flower are represented in my artwork and the published Colouring Book. “Garden of Jewels”. You can explore Amazing Purple to see some of my Artwork and Photographs  represented throughout the site.

Dragonfly and Lotus

Amazing Purple: Are you stressed? Do you like colouring or doodling?

Amazing Purple provides Illustrations for relaxing through colouring. Amazing Purple will be providing other links for Natural Health Care, Preventative health Care and Physical Health Care.

Garden of Jewels Colouring Book, by Julia Cadwallader features wonderful flowers, dragonflies, insects and other wonderful garden creatures in black and white illustrations ready for your pencils. Create and colour garden illustrations unique to you using coloured pencils, water colour, water colour brushes.

As Christmas approaches think of this unique book as a gift, which will give lots of pleasure for colouring enthusiasts.

See Amazing Purple’s shop on the website.

Winter Orange

This flowers have given me a lot of pleasure, hence they have been a source of inspiration for one of the colouring pages in my book Garden of Jewels.  Apart from purple being my favourite colour so is Orange. I love all colours. I love to fill my life with colour.

Creating designs for colouring is a natural thing to do to immerse yourself with colour in the activity of colouring and being creative.

Check out my website Amazing Purple and see whats on offer for the colouring experience.

Garden Gnome in Color

The Black and White Illustrated Greeting Card of a Garden Gnome is a great gift for a special friend or family member. Adding your own colour to the card gives a special meaning as gift. This one was given a s a birthday card.

Amazing Purple has a range of Black and White Illustrated cards for colouring. Great gifts as cards to colour or colour them yourself for adding a personal touch. See the shop for the range of cards and other items for colouring fun!